• Everyone suffers from only knowing what we know. 

  • It's a make or buy decision, if you're not getting it done, then buy the support. 

  • We want you to get ahead. 

  • In fact, after this crisis we want as many businesses to have survived as possible so we can discuss what deferring payments would look like. Besides, now is the time to act, tomorrow might be too late. 

You'll get support in these key areas, but there are more: 

Performance Measuring System: Advising on

Strategy & KPIs


Organizational Action Research (OAR)  

Business Process Improvements (BPI): Cash Flow and Cost Reduction 

Organizational Development & Change 

Personal / Team Leadership Development 

It'll cost you and it depends: 

Your make-or-buy decision is clear when:

  1. You understand the value of the outcome and its benefits to your stakeholders; and

  2. When the solution costs less than the fix.

Ask yourself:

  • How clear is the problem/solution/outcome?

  • What is the solution worth? Do you know?

  • What are all the benefits you can derive from the solution? 

We will not charge a fee for the initial conversation that leads to a proposal, it is about figuring out what is important to you, and that might even be all the help you or your organization need to get started. 

Fees are relative to scope and clarity: hourly estimates, project estimate, or value-based estimates.     


We can discuss DEFERRING the bulk of the costs during this GLOBAL PANDEMIC, it may be the best way for us to support industry during this trying time.