Deyanira wants to set an example to others that sharing is possible and we all can share. We can share knowledge and resources especially when we are blessed with so much. She does not feel bad for what she has access to but she also feels encouraged to do a little bit more than most, she believes that “to have is to share”.


What she has to offer

Public Speaking


Tin Wall

Presentations geared to share experiences that could trigger ideas for others to do what they really want to do in life.

Public Spaking

Workshops (1/2 day) to assist people with:

a. Their planning efforts when creating an adventure in life, whether that adventure is one in a life time trip, retirement or simply goal setting.

b. Their understanding of diversity and inclusion of immigrants in the workplace.

4_The Hand in Chile

Deyanira has the capacity to listen to your constraint (s) and create a product for you that will help motivate you and prepare you to accomplish what you need or want to accomplish.