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Deyanira Mendoza Dominguez, PEng, PMP

Woman of Action

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Who is HER?

Deyanira Mendoza Dominguez is an extremely inspiring woman who constantly makes the difference in people’s lives. She was born in Mexico and legally immigrated to Canada as a young adult with her own limited resources and a vast toolbox of skills that her mother helped develop since she was little. In Canada, she grew personally and professionally, never having felt so empowered; she truly learned to love her new country and feels extremely proud of being a Canadian. Back in 2010 she left everything she had and embarked on a 26 month journey on her motorcycle through the Americas and after 73,000kms she found the little girl that was within herself, the one without fear; please visit the following blogs to learn more about it:




All the challenges she faced made her a more conscientious, mature, sustainable person, and she was able to finally reconcile with Mexico when looking from a new lens, from a new home. Today, she is able to create employment in Mexico, be professionally desired in Canada, and be socially responsible by helping the development of communities while supporting young women to become leaders through leadership and project management training in Mexico and Canada. Deyanira has inspired many women to follow their dreams and be empowered by finding their own little girl within themselves. She believes on making the impossible, possible and will persevere and succeed on any project she commits to. Recently she was awarded with the Mentor of the Year Award 2020 by Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (EGBC) and she feels even more responsible to do her part.


Deyanira and her husband Brian are really something, as a team they conquer and create. They are normal-regular people and that is what makes them so inspiring, so natural. They have dreams and goals and achieve them meticulously, without rushing. More motorcycle trips will come but for now Deyanira is focused on growing her business and participating in life changing event such as The Governor’s General Canadian Leadership Conference in 2021. They have also applied the learnings of their travel journeys and established a way to live with very little while still able not to go nuts in this wasteful society. The world needs people who can inspire others and here is Deya to share.

Who are YOU?

You are also someone looking to make the difference in the world or simply in your life, in your workplace or in your community.

You are:

  • A woman who wants to relate to another woman and find ways to emulate positive behaviours, behaviours that could help you believe that you can also do it.

  • An immigrant who has struggled and is looking for ideas on how to adapt and utilize her/his full potential in Canada.

  • An executive or leader who is looking to encourage employees to find the best within themselves and others. An executive who cares about true diversity and uses Deyanira’s experiences to highlight the importance of being open to others.

  • Anyone looking for an achievable reference to do something great in life.