What is Stumbler?

Stumbler Engaged Enterprises is an organization that shares knowledge and experiences to encourage others to create their own experiences in life, in the workplace, in their relationships, anywhere!

Stumbler was founded by Deyanira Mendoza Dominguez in 2018 in an effort to help others utilize their full potential. Her own story is a vivid example that despite all challenges one can become in love with life and give and take the best of it. She is not planning on having kids and therefore the sense of urgency to help other kids and generations is such that she has decided to dedicate a part of her life to create scholarships, Stumbler will allow her to do that since fifty percent of the profits will be used for that purpose.

The next goal for Stumbler is to allow Deyanira to become an inspiring story-teller via documentaries and other venues. This is still an exploratory path, one where she will seek to find the right supports.